Just a reminder:
Tomorrow, Friday 9/16 is Parent Reading Day.
Please join us from 7:25-8:00 for fun and reading with your little one.

ALL ABOUT ME boxes are due in the classroom Friday 9/23. Pics to come of my personal All About Me box.

Ms. P
Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first ever Parent Reading Morning. We ALL look forward to next week
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Updates: I will see you WEDNESDAY 9/14/16. Enjoy your looooong 4 day weekend. 

~Ms. P.

Magical Reading with a Magical Unicorn

Just a magical reminder that tomorrow is our FIRST ever Parent Reading Day!
Please join us for a fun time of reading and learning.
See you tomorrow, Friday 9/9/16 in the Land of the Magical Fluffy Unicorns. 7:30-8:00am (no earlier, no later)
Kindest Regards,
The Queen Unicorn, Ms. P.
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